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For What Its Worth Chords

Rush covered this song on their album "Feedback"
a cover album of songs they say influenced them
to do what they do today...

E 022100
A 077600  only used in verse
G 055400
D xx0232
A x03330  Used in Chorus
C x32010

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E                           A
There's Something happenin here
E                           A
What it is aint exactally clear
E                           A
theres a man w/ a gun over there
E                           A
tellin me I got to be (a)ware

(I Think its time we) stop Children
Whats that sound 
everybody look 
whats going down

then its the same till the verse that says 

E                       E  A  G 
What a feild day for the heat

                    and that verse is like that

for the chorus, using power chords is also cool, if you're aiming 
for that sound...but otherwise it doesn't really matter.