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Dreamline Tab

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Date: Fri, 18 Oct 91 09:12:46 +0100
From: (Frank Schaapherder)

"Dreamline" tabs for guitar

Transcription by: Joe T. Kung (

Intro and verse:
(played with extreme compression and distortion, muted picking)

[repeat 5 times for verse]

sixth time (cut off intro lick):


Then the song jumps into the powerchords.

Powerchords (all no-3rds, see *)

	G, F#, E,
	G, F#, D (then some fills, see **)
	F#, E, B,
	C, D, E
	G, F#, E
	G, F#, D (again, see **)
	F#, E, B
	C, D, E

Then the into intro/verse sequence again, followed by power-chords.
After that the "cut off intro lick".

The song then goes into the chorus ("We are young ...") section which doesn't
sound like there's any distinct guitar parts, but chords that would go well
are :

Asus2, Gmaj, Dmaj, and Cmaj, based on Geddy's bass line. You can just
follow along with Geddy and do a muted rhythm with the guitar.

Then the intro/verse and powerchord part again. After this,
the solo begins:

  whammy after
  sounding drone

[ Tab from: ]

----12-14-15-12-14-15-17-14-15--15>17--17-15-17>(19)>17-| (feedback & sustain)

which is followed again by the chorus, and then the power chord
section for the last time, ending on E.

The song is probably cut with a PRS fitted with Evans active
single-coils and played thru a GK preamp (the newer model).

*  No-3rd chords (powerchords) can be played like this:

---   This example is a D no-3rd. The root note is played on the A
---   string.

** The fill section
   is like :



|  - A pair of these indicate a part of music, not the usuals bars.
:  - Indicates that a part is to be repeated. This may be ommited, you should
     hear it too.
_  - Indicates a hammer-on or pull-off (You should know which is appropriate)
>  - Indicates a bend-up or down or a slide. With a bend, the note to bend to
     is between '(' and ')'. Use the whammy for a downbend. With a slide, the
     follow-up note is the one to be slid to.
!  - Indicates vibrato.
^  - Indicates a tapped harmonic. Is printed below the note.
.  - Under the strings, it indicates the note is staccato (short).
\  - Indicates a general slide downwards from note, to no note in particular.
AH - Indicates adding artificial harmonic with pick hand.

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