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			    "Double Agent"
		      from the album Counterparts
			 as recorded by Rush

       transcribed by Ken Atwell (

Special Notations:
 ~     slight vibrato (with left hand or whammy bar)
 /     slide up the string (toward pickups)
 \     slide down the string (toward the nut)
 (12)  natural harmonic (fret in parens)
 P     pull-off
 X\    pick slide

You'll have to familiar with the song or play along with the CD to get the
timing down.  Some of the changes can be tricky (a staple of Rush's music),
so keep with it.

Guitar enters at 0:16 with Riff 1.  Play it once.

Riff 1 (medium distortion with chorus)
                                               F          C5
  E --------------------------------------------------------------------|
  B --------------------------------------------------------------------|
  G -----------7--5--10--9--7--5------17~------2--2--2----5--5\---------|
  D ------------------------------15-----------3--3--3----5--5\---------|
  A --5--3--5----------------------------------3--3--3----3--3\---------|
  E -------------------------------------------1--1--1------------------|

                                      G        F          C5
  E --------------------------------------------------------------------|
  B --------------------------------------------------------------------|
  G -----------7--5--10--9--7--5------4--------2--2--2----5--5----------|
  D ----------------------------------5--------3--3--3----5--5----------|
  A --5--3--5-------------------------5--------3--3--3----3--3----------|
  E ------------------------------3---3--------1--1--1------------------|

Riff 2 begin at 0:32.  Play whole thing and then repeat section between
the vertical bars ONLY 4 times.

Riff 2 (heavier distortion, no chorus)
                              P                        P
  E -----------------------|--------------------------------------------|
  B -----------------------|--------------------------------------------|
  G -----------------------|--------------------------------------------|
  D -----------------------|--------------------------------------------|
  A -----------------------|--------------------------------------------|
  E --0---0--0---0--0--3--5|-3-0---0--0---0--0--3--5--3-0---0--0---0--0-|

             C m7+a9 (???)
  E -------------------------------|
  B -------------------------------|
  G --------/8---8--8---8--8-------|
  D --------/8---8--8---8--8-------|
  A --------/7---7--7---7--7-------|
  E --3--5--/8---8--8---8--8--3--5-|

Riff 3 begins at 0:56.  Play the figure between the vertical bar three times
and end with an E5 chord  (fretted low to high 022XXX)

Riff 3 (distorted)
  E -|----------------------------|
  B -|----------------------------|
  G -|----------------------------|
  D -|-------------------1--0-----|
  A -|-0--0-----0--------------3--|
  E -|-------3-----3--0-----------|

The song returns briefly to Riff 2 at 1:01.  Play the section between the
veritcal bar ONCE and then follow with this figure:
[ Tab from: ]
Riff 4 (distored, last chord clean with chorus)
                              P                        A
  E ---------------------------------------------------5--------|
  B ---------------------------------------------------5--------|
  G ---------------------------------------------------6--------|
  D ---------------------------------------------------7--------|
  A ---------------------------------------------------7--------|
  E --0---0--0---0--0--3--5--3-0---0--0---0--0--3--5---5--------|

The rhythmn of next section of the song makes it uncondusive to transcription
here.  Below are the chord changes.  Listen to the album for the timing of
rhythmn and chord changes.  To further complicate things, two guitars are
here with different tones.  The sustained chords are played clean, the choppy
rhythms are distorted.  To play this on a single guitar, you'll have to hop
around on your effects rather quickly.

Riff 5 (2 guitars written for a single guitar)
      1:12   1:15   1:18  1:21 1:24 1:27 1:29 ..
      C#5    A5     C#5   A    C#5  B5   C5 B5 A5
E ------------------------5-------------------------------------------|
B ------------------------5-------------------------------------------|
G ----6------2------6-----6----6----4----5--4--2----------------------|
D ----6------2------4-----7----6----4----5--4--2----------------------|
A ----4------0------4-----7----4----2----3--2--0----------------------|
E ------------------------5-------------------------------------------|

Return to Riff 1 at 1:33.  Play it twice.
Play Riff 2 (between the veritcal bars only) three times.  (begins at 2:05)
Play Riff 3 three times, end with an E5 chord again (begins at 2:18)
Play Riff 2 (between the vertical bars only) three times and follow with
Riff 4. (begins at 2:24)
Play Riff 5. (begins at 2:33)

Riff 6 begin at 2:54 in lieu of Riff 1.  It is played 16 times.

Riff 6 (light distortion)
        D                  C   E
  E -----------------------------------|
  B -----------------------------------|
  G -----7---7--7---7--7---5---9\------|
  D -----------------------------------|
  A -----5---5--5---5--5---3---7\------|
  E -----------------------------------|

Play Riff 2 (the whole thing this time) at 3:26.

Begining at 3:32 is the closest thing this song has to a guitar solo.
Finger a natural harmonic at the 24th fret of the 4th string (D).  Tremelo
pick (pick as fast as possible) while moving the harmonic up the neck.
Alex does this (or at least, something close to this) at 3:32 - 3:37 and
at 3:41-3:47.  Add a healthy dose of flange or chorus and you've got
a cool trick.

Riff 7 (distored, with heavy chorus)

       trem picking               trem picking            pick slds.
  E --------------------------------------------------------------------|
  B --------------------------------------------------------------------|
  G -------------------------------------------------------X\-----------|
  D ---(24)-\\\\\\\\-(3)--3---3---(24)-\\\\\\\\-(3)--3--3--X\--X/-------|
  A ----------------------3---3----------------------3--3--X\--X/-------|
  E ----------------------1---1----------------------1--1------X/-------|

With all of the effects saturating Alex's guitar tone, its hard to make out
the next part (at 3:50).  Riff 8 is the best I could do.  Play it 4 times
and follow with a A chord (low to high 577655).

Riff 8 (distored with heavy chorus)

  E ----------------------------------|
  B ----------------------------------|
  G -----------------------17--14-----|
  D --17---17--17--15--17-------------|
  A ----------------------------------|
  E ----------------------------------|

Play Riff 5 (begining at 3:59).
Play Riff 2 (between bar only) 3 times (at 4:20)
Play Riff 3 3 times (at 4:33) and with an A5.
Play Riff 2 twice (between bars only) at 4:39 and end the song with the
begining of Riff 2 (up until the first veritcal bar ONLY).