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Always The Winner Chords

Runrig - Always the Winner

Capo on 1st fret


G, D, Em, D, C, D

When you close your eyes 
           D          Em         C         G    Am   C
There's a frightened pride that lives for you
           Am       D   
That your mother's life
           Am      C          D    C  D
and your father's eyes can't hide
You had no choice 
        D       Em      C       G    Am   C
didn't ask the dice to fall for you
            Am       D
Still your courage comes 
      Am       C           D     C
like thunder through the skies

[ Tab from: ]
        D          G  D   C
You're always the winner, 
               G    D
the victor and the giver
C                       Em D  Am
Somewhere through that winter 
you'll never be alone
C    D           Em  D   C
For evermore the winner
               G   D    C
The taker and the giver
                       Em  D  Am
Somewhere through that winter
you will not grow old

[verse 2 is same chords as in verse 1]

So you carry time down the tortured line where mysteries show
Well hidden from life's learned and life's wise
Mans useless ways and worthless conversation
Lie well exposed and humbled in your smile


           C                               G
Still you run out in the morning with the boys and the girls
     C                         G
The miracle of innocence on a head of curls
       C                     Bm                       Am
We'll search every reason wherever we roam to find a place
For these broken hearts and bones
              C           G                   Em      C
We'll keep a fire on the hillsides after the summers gone
           Am                C       D         G
And we'll wait here till the war-wounded come home