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So Obvious Chords

yeeep this song is amazing =]. I'd make the chords but im not that patient.
This is 100% correct though. i actually got them from the guitarist. 
any questions email me at
standard tuning.
i usually play this acoustic, and it sounds perfect.
so idk how it wil sound if its electric
but anyways have fun!

c# a b
the lead is just the 4th and 5th fret on the b string with open high e

a e b
a e b 
a e b c#
a e b

c# a b
c# a b
a e b
c# a b

post chorus
a c# b
a c# b
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I need you here but your always so far away
i call you up but you know it's just never the same
cause being closer to you is my sweetest escape
its all i needed
i need you here but your always so far away

this is our night
the look in your eyes
says we can go all the way
been losing my mind broken inside
i want you to take my breath away
it's obvious my heart beats for you (beats for you, beats for you)
just let go tonight
we're so close tonight

i need you here but you're out there on your own
we used to look like the pictures in my telephone
hiding out in your room we can be alone
laughing out loud
you need me here but im always so far away


post chorus*
this is our night
look in my eyes 
we can go all the way
been losin my mind 
broken inside
you take my breath away