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Bitter Season Chords

Bitter Season
The Comfort of Home
2005 Nitro Records
Submitted by:
I'm so sick of people tabbing my fav song WRONG. So I decided to do it in a simple
chords for beginner people play it easy. This is 100% correct and accurate!

Chords Used:
Am-  x0221-
C-   x32010
F-   133211
G-   320033
Dm-  xx0231


Guitar 1: Scott Sellers

Am-C-F-G (x2)

Guitar 2: Clark Domae

Verse 1:
     Am     C       F           G
This bitter season, colder than reason
    Am      C            G   F
Our obvious hearts still burn
Am           C        F          G
Where’s your passion? Is it just fashion?
    Am          C            G   F
Yet struck by a star as they burn

Am-C-F-G (x2)
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   Am          C      F              G
So grieve your power, take back your memories
       Am          C          G   F
‘Cause you don’t deserve that love
Am      C        F                 G
Wishful Thinking hopes that you’ll soon see
  Am         C    G    F
I gave up on you enough


C          F        Am            G
This is my time, so don’t wake me up
    C          F    Am        G
And this is my day, living in grace
    C      F      Am            G
And all my energy spreading our word oh
C           F       Am            G
This is my time, so don’t wake me up
       F    G  Am-C-F-G-Am-C-F-C
‘Cause this is mine

Verse 2:
   Am        C         F            G
Go walk your city, and don’t think about me
       Am                  C             G   F
‘Cause you’ve dropped that piece of your heart
Am         C       F         G
Buildings, towers, living is useless
   Am        C          G  F
No skies, no beauty, no soul


(Repeat Chorus except last line)

       F    G  Am-G-C-Dm-F--G--Am-G-C-Dm-F--G
‘Cause this is mine

Am    G    C          Dm          F      G
Close your eyes, your visions are perfect
   Am   G    C        Dm       F      G
Up from your eyes, an endless illusion


(Repeat Chorus)

Am-C-F-G (x2)

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