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Wont Work Chords

A fantastically upbeat track from Ruarri Joseph from his debut album,
'Tales of Grime and Grit'. While the chords are simple, and thus easy to 
grasp, the high speed needed to play it may mean the song is more suited for
an intermediate level guitarist.

Standard Tuning, Capo 2

Chords used:

Am - X02210 
F  - XX3211
C  - X32010
Dm - XX0231
G  - 320033

Intro: Am


Am              F                C
Don't ask too much, that won't work,
               Dm                Am
Don't ask to see it all, that won't work,
               F                 C
I'm not the kinda guy, to start from dirt,
               Dm                G
Sing from the heart we share, that will work.

[ Tab from: ]
G            Am                      F
Sell me the sun, I'll say you're the one, 
                 C                 G
I'll give you my word, raising the dirt,
                Dm                        Am
If you want the stars, I'll give you the sky,
                  Dm                         G
Straight from the air, what works is you and I.


Am              F                       C
Start from the second when, we learn to go,
                Dm                      Am
Who needs to see it all, if we all have hope,
                F                 C
I'm not the kind of guy to ask of you,
               Dm                              G
Sing like we know you can and, we'll all get through.


Bridge: (same chords as the chorus)

Chorus x2