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Infant Eyes Chords

An classic whimsical track from Ruarri's debut,
'Tales of Grime and Grit'. Like most tracks on the album, the song is 
perfect for the beginner guitarist.

Standard Tuning, Capo 2.

Chords used:

C  - X32010
G7 - 320001
F  - XX3211
Dm - XX0231
G  - 320033
C* - X32013

Intro: C C* C


C                                    G7
That picture that you drew of me, I want to get it framed,
   F                                         C
Or stick it to the fridge with magnets, that spell out your name.
My eyes aren't green, my hair's not black, I only have two hands.
   F                               C
My head is on my shoulders, and my feet aren't made of sand.
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                  Dm                   G
But I'll tell you what, it's more like me,
     Dm                G  G7
Than any... thing I've seen.


   C                                         G7
If toys could talk, I bet they'd say, they'd never felt so loved,
    F                                        C
The cars with chrome, the bears with bows, forever kissed and hugged.
      C                                      G7
And I love the way you eat your treats, you save the best till last.
      F                                      C
You ponder to enjoy your chocolates, and never go too fast.

                  Dm                 G
And I'll tell you what, I think it's true.
    Dm                       G G7 F
Us grown-ups, should be like you.
F                           G                         C
And think our actions through, and see the world like you do.

Bridge: C G7 F C C G7 F C