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Baby Lets Wait Chords

Baby Letís Wait Ė The Royal Guardmen / The Young Rascals
Tabbed by Zack Feldman
The one I did here most closely resembles the Guardsmenís version but works for 
either!  Hope you can figure it out after the first verse!  If not, Iíll add it.  Thanks!

Key of E


E	F#m	 B

Verse 1:
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E     	       	F#m       B
You say youíll always be proud of me
E      		F#m    	    B
Well, Iím gonna see that you do babe
E  	F#m  	B
Iíll be nobody nothing
      D		       	     B
If I do what you want me to, yeah
Bm	      E
Marry you now
Bm		          E
Struggle by anyway, anyhow
Liviní in misery
Is that how you want it to be?


E	      Bm   F#m   B
No!  Baby letís wait
E	      Bm   F#m  B
No!  Baby Letís wait
E	      Bm   F#m  B
Weíve got time