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Running Scared Chords

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                            "Running Scared"
                       (Roy Orbison - Joe Melson)

Verse 1:

	Just running scared
	Each place we go
	So afraid
	E7           E9sus4    E7
	             077770  07675x
	That he might show

Verse 2:
	               A [drums enter]
	Yeah, running scared
	What would I do
	If he came back
	E7          A
	And wanted you

Verse 3:
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	              A [electrics enter]
	Just running scared
	Feeling low
	         C#m  [bass enters]
	Running scared
	You loved him so

Verse 4:

	              A [backing vocals enter]
	Just running scared
	Afraid to lose
	If he came back
	E7                    A    A7
	Which one would you choose


	D            D6 [guitars stay on D; strings follow D6 and Dmaj7]
	Then all at once
	Dmaj7            D     Dmaj7  D6
	He was standing there
	    D          D6
	So sure of himself
	    Dmaj7        D     Dmaj7  D6
	His head in the air
	D              D6
	My heart was breaking
	Dmaj7              D
	Which one would it be
	D             D6        D     E7       A
	You turned around and walked away with me

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers