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Ride Away Chords

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                              "Ride Away"
                       (Roy Orbison - Bill Dees)


	(acoustic guitar doubled w/acoustic bass [4X; continue into verse]:)

	 v     v     v     v

Verse 1:

	Two wheels a-turnin'
	One girl a-yearnin'
	Big motor burnin' the road

	(drums enter)

	I'll ride the highway
	I'm going my way
	I leave a story untold

Chorus 1:

	 A              B   A
	Pretty girls behind me
	     A                B    A   E
	But pretty girls are ev...'rywhere
	 A         B   A
	Big motor wind up
	  A       B     A    E
	Ride on away   from here

	[1:]   D     E
	      Ride away

Bridge A:
[ Tab from: ]
	(E)  Am7   D7 Dm7 G7            Cmaj7         Am
	She won't approve    of things I do or what I am
	Dm7              G7           Cmaj7
	    And I don't really give a...    I understand
	Am                F
	But she'll never see
	That I'll never be
	Anyone but me

	E     G E
	// // / // // /

Bridge B:

	F#m             G#m
	She thinks she needs me
	F#m          G#m
	She cries for me
	F#m              G#m
	But I know she's lying
	F#m                  G#m  F#m
	Crying for others to see
	What can I say
	                 B    F#  B
	I'll just ride away

Verse 2:

	(Ride, ride away, boy, ride, ride away, boy)
	Big motor run, run
	Ride on away from
	Heartache and misery

	I'm bound to wander (big motor run, run)
	Way over yonder
	Someone may wait just for me

Chorus 2:

	True love to cling to
	I need a dream   to share
	Someone to know me
	Someone to show   me they care


	C#m    B
	Ride away
	C#m    B
	Ride away
	A                 E
	  From tears and sorrow
	A                    E
	  Like there's no tomorrow
	    A       F#7 Fmaj7  E
	Tonight I'll ri-ide  away

	[repeat intro riff to fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers