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                              "It's Over"
                       (Roy Orbison - Bill Dees)

	      C            F           C
	Your baby doesn't love you anymore

	      C     F     C     F     C    F
	. . . ////  / /// ////  / /// //// /

Verse 1:

	  Golden days before they end
	[2: Fmaj7]              Am
	Whisper secrets to the wind
	      C7            F           C7
	Your baby won't be near you anymore
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	  Tender nights before they fly
	And falling stars that seem to cry
	     Dm    Bb      G7          C7   [2: to coda]
	Your baby doesn't want you anymore

	   Fsus F
	It's over


	Em                Fmaj7
	   It breaks your heart in two
	Em               Fmaj7
	   To know she's been untrue
	Em              Fmaj7
	   But oh, what will you do
	                  G           F       G
	When she says to you there's someone new
	         F              G
	We're through, we're through

	   Csus4 C     Cmaj7
	It's over
	      Em       G
	It's over
	    Csus4 C    C7
	It's over

Verse 2:

	All the rainbows in the sky
	Start to weep and say goodbye
	You won't be seeing rainbows anymore

	Setting suns before they fall
	Beckon to you "that's all, that's all"
	But you'll see lonely sunsets after all


	It's over, it's over, it's over
	   Fsus4 F     C7  F
	It's over

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers