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Running Wild Chords

      Artist: Roxy Music 
      Song: Running wild  
      Album: Flesh + Blood (1980)

      Chords by Spence

      Verse 1

      G            D      A      
      ThereŽs that melody again

      G       D                  A                    
      Burning through my head it does me in

      G        D               A
      Turns me right around to my old friend

      G      D                   A
      Wonder how youŽve changed, are you still

              Em	      G	
      Running wild - like you do

           C        G           A     
      When all your dreams come true
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      G                 C
      Happy days you pretend
                Em        D     C
      That your love will never end

      Verse 2

      ThereŽs that melody again
      Where itŽs coming from I must have been
      Drifting out of time, now IŽm in
      Underneath youŽll find IŽm just the same


      Running wild - like you do
      When all your dreams fall through
      I can always pretend
      That IŽll fall in love again


      G        D    A (x4)


      Running wild - like we do
      If only dreams came true
      I could even pretend
      That IŽll fall in love again 

      G        D    A 

      Running wild again  (x4)

      Lovely simple song. Enjoy.