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Avalon Chords

   Title:   Avalon
   Artist:  Roxy Music
   Album:   Avalon
 Tabbed by: Fabian Valdivia

      Roxy Music - Avalon

   Intro:   G

F            C          Bb
   Now the party's over
   I'm so tired
F          C             Bb
   Then I see you coming
   Out of nowhere
F             C      Bb     C
   Much communication in a motion
F              C       Bb     C
   Without conversation or a notion
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Eb  C#  C    Eb  C#  C  G

   When the samba takes you
   Out of nowhere
   And the background's fading
   Out of focus
   Yes the picture changing
   Every moment
   And your destination
   You don't know it

Eb  C#  C    Eb  C#  C  G

    G        C       G   (x4)

   (Dancing, dancing)

   When you bossa nova
   There's no holding
   Would you have me dancing
   Out of nowhere

Eb  C#  C    Eb  C#  C  G

F   C   Bb   C