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2 H.B.

By Roxy Music

It starts on C# and rises in tension.
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F#       C#            G#        (sus4)
Oh I was moved by your screen dream
F#        C#          G#
Celluloid pictures of living
     E              B       G#
Your death could not kill my love for you
F#       C#     G#
Take two people romantic
F#        C#        G#
Smoky nightclub situation
     E        B        G#
Your cigarette traces a ladder
Here´s looking at you kid
Celebrate years
Here´s looking at you kid
Wipe away tears
     C#               G#
Long time since we´re together
Now I hope it´s forever

Middle part: C#, repeat same chords for 2nd Verse/chorus

Ideal love flies away now
White jacket, black tie, wings too
You gave her away to the hero
Words don´t express my meaning
Notes could not spell out the score
But finding not keeping´s the lesson
Here´s looking at you kid
Hard to forget
Here´s looking at you kid
At least not yet
Your memory stays
It lingers ever
Will fade away never

I made some adjustments to the chords of Ver. 2 to fit the melody for they were wrong, 
and I changed the Ab to G# because I don't like to mix sharps and flats unless needed. 
Also, this song can easily be transposed up a half-step for open chords.