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From: Carol 

 Roxette: Fireworks
 Written by Per Gessle
 Trans. Ben Sinclair (


 G|--------------------------------------|     x2

 I once new a girl I can't remember her name
 But I remember her face cos her sister looked the same.

 They both left school, but they couldn't find a job
 So they said farewell and stole a small town car.

 C            A#m           G
 As they were riding by the beach some summer night
     C     A#m           G                                            F
 the radio shouted out one of those songs that might just change your life

 It went like this:
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  D        G           A
 "Checkin' in checkin' out
  D      G            A               D            Bm
  Making love I like watching all your fireworks
            G                  A             E
  I like it when I light those stars in your eyes
            G       C        D
  Just like fireworks in the sky"

 Yes it did.

 Throwing some poems to the ports and docks
                                     D         C      G
 They were sleeping outdoors puching all their luck

 They sent me a letter full of pills and thrills
                                      D       C
 Then they both got rich and moved to Hollywood Hills.

 C             A#m           G
 Yea they made lots of money playing folk guitar
 C        A#m                 G                                 F
 Cos everywhere the boys went crazy just to hear these words of art:

 [CHORUS] as before,
 & harmonica solo: just play D A D A throughout

  E        A           B
 "Checkin' in checkin' out   (take it to the sky)
  E      A            B               E            C#m
  Making love I like watching all your fireworks
            A                  B             F#
  I like it when I light those stars in your eyes
            A       D        E
  Just like fireworks in the sky"

 They're coming to get you
 They're coming to get you now   (right now)
 Coming to get you now

 G|--------------------------------------|    } to end.

 Watch the sky!