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Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 17:54:29 -0500
From: martinhoppock 
Subject: r/row6/emily.crd

This song is on row6's album "weatheR".  It was written entirely by the
band, and was tabbed by Mark Hopkins(

EMILY  Copyright 1998 6th Row Music
verse=3/3 time
   Am, Am/G, D13, D/F#
E   0     3    0    2
A   0     0    5    0
D   2     2    4    0
G   2     0    0    2
B   1     1    3    3
E   0     0    0    0
chorus=4/4 time
   Em, C, G, D/F#
E   0  0  3    2
A   2  3  2    0
D   2  2  0    0
G   0  0  0    2
B   0  1  3    3
E   0  0  3    0

It go's like this

Am       Am/G    D13        D/F#
  It's a sad day , to waste away
Am      Am/G          D13    D/F#
  and a sad thought I ponder
Am      Am/G          D13    D/F#
  smitherines dancing in the rain
Am  Am/G            D13     D/F#
    little fists of wonder
Am     Am/G     D13      D/F#
  emily sits and taps her toes
Am       Am/G               D13     D/F#
  to the sound of her heart breaking
Am  Am/G         D13     D/F#
    and somehow,   she's always
Am             Am/G  D13  D/F#
been there for me
[ Tab from: ]

Em      C        G            D/F#            Em
  Emily says she loves me but not the way you think
       C           G              D/F#   Em
  and somehow we're running on the brink
     C                 G              D/F#
  of destruction and I hold her smitherines
Em       C          G        D/F#
  in the palm of my grasp...
  I gotta put them back together

Am      Am/G             D13                D/F#      Am   Am/G D13 d/f
Doesn't feel much like a Monday, It doesn't feel like afternoon
Am        Am/G         D13     D/F#                 Am   Am/G D13 D/F#
  doesn't mean I wanna be here doesn't mean I wanna go
      Am               Am/G       D13  D/F#
But i hope it's still raining out side it's always so
Am           Am/G  D13 D/F#
  so cold in here
Am     Am/G      D13      D/F#
  It's always so cold, so quiet so wierd so
Am Am/G  D13   D/F#
     so queer yea

repeat chorus above,
adlib outro with chorus rif and la, la, la's
It's a wierd song to learn to play, the time change becomes easier when
you begin to learn the song.  just try playing with this while listening
to the album, and you'll be playing it in no time.  I'm not sure if th
lyrics are correct, but you can check them with thier web page
(  for any other questions
you can contact me (