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Paper Airplane Chords

Listen to the song for the correct picking. 

Intro: G Bm C Am
       G Bm C Am A5 Asus4

G               Bm
I wish he could see
        C              Am
How beautiful he is to me.
G               Bm
I wish I could stay
Out of his way
But that's much too hard for me.

Am     A5           Asus4
I wish we could fly away
On a paper airplane.

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Instrumental break: G Bm C Am

G                   Bm
He tells me everything
Calls me his Martin Luther King
Says he's good at running far.
G                 Bm
I tell him everything
Call him by the wrong name
Say I'm good at chasing stars.


A5 =       Asus4 =
e 0        e o
B 0        B 3
G 2        G 2
D 2        D 2
A 0        A 0
e 0        e 0