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Adrenaline Chords

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From: Porl 
Subject: Adrenaline

Well, as promised here's that classic Rose Ate A Stone tune...well, kind of!

[and I did a little tidying up... -John (Porl there's no such thing as E# :)]

		     by Rosetta Stone

		 Basic Tabulation by Porl @


Okay, first of all, there are far to many versions of this song in
existence for me to completely tabulate one of them, plus I'm feeling
lazy...  SO what I've done is to tabulate the three basic riffs used
in all versions of the song, from which you should be able to assemble
the mix which you prefer to play...

...there are also a few small riffs which I haven't tabulated but which
are all derived from one or another of the riffs below, and shouldn't
take you long to work out!  ;{=}


Main Riff (NB: this is the riff which is slightly (ahem) derivative of
		the ToL main riff):



Verse, Power Chords
[ Tab from: ]
(NB: for those of you not familiar with power chords, a quick lesson.  The
power chord is the simplest possible form of chord to play!  Simply take
one finger and place it on the correct note (eg. to play a D power chord,
place a finger on the 5th fret of the A-string), then place another finger
on the next string up (or down when looking at your fingers) two frets
further up the neck (eg. to play a D, with one finger on the 5th of A,
place another on the 7th of D).  Now strum the two strings!!  Easy! )

i.e. D = x-5-7-7-x-x-x (-ed ..  I hold down 3 strings for power chords :)

The following power chords are used:

D = D:7		E = D:9		  F = D:10	C = D:5
    A:5		    A:7		      A:8	    A:3

G = D:12

Here's where they go:

	D                    E F
	Another gift from god

	D		          E F
	Breathing deep religiously

	D                     E F

	C                       E F
	Splintering inside of me

	D		      E F
	Light speed...........

	D		      E F

	C                   E F
	Driven by its purity

	Cloud nine white line this time I'm on Adrenaline


Solo riff:



And there you go, it's DIY from there!   Best of luck!

					Porl @