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Until Next Time Chords

This band exists and their new album is out! check them here

Until Next Time - Rosebleed

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good greek band, check them out!

intro: C#m  A  E  G#m

Verse: E  C#m

Chorus: C#m  A  E  G#m


When my gift arrives i ll be there
and when our time runs out i ll meet you again
cause everything has changed tonight
we ve just found something we ve locked it inside
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Without some love, where could we run? who would we be?
but now its time, we kiss you goodbye...
there is no time
Until next time

Locked inside your mind i hope you ll find a way
you wont let it happen to you you need some change
but i keep falling from the trees
until next time that we ll meet


NOTE: I think the intro starts like that but i'm not sure. when i figure the whole
itro out i'll post it.


it sounds good if you first play this and then the intro chords.
hope i've helped!