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Staring At The Sun Chords

Rooster have had a hit with their debut release 'come get some' this is their second
song to be released in january from their forthcoming album..

This sounds good acousticly
im sure there are better fits but for now this is cool n simple for acoustic
---------------3-------------3---------3-------------------|Repeat twice
-----2--------------2-----------2--------------------------|i think....listen
-----------------------------------------------------------|   2thesong for the
-----------------------------------------------------------|   rhythm

Verse 1

D               A       C                 G
Daylight on my  shoulder, makes me feel alive
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           D                A      C                             G
You had me standing in your shadow, and its a cold cold place to hide


em                G
I'm running away from this messed up place

em            C(C only sound goog acousticly...)
I'm breaking free yeah yeah

D                           A
I'm tired of staring at the sun

can't stand the way you burn my eyes so i can't see

stealing every breath i breathe

D                       A
you push me into overdrive

but i don't need this kind of high coz now im done

            G                                   D
you took everything while i was staring at the sun

same pattern for 2nd verse n chorus.......