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Best known for their hot-rod songs ('G.T.O.' made it to #4 in the summer
of 1964), Ronny and the Daytonas had their second-biggest hit (#27, early
1966) with this wistful ballad.  Like so many of the entries in Andrew's
Ace Archives, I heard it on the radio earlier today (3/24/96) and dug up
my own scratched, off-center 45 to share some memories with the readers
of r.m.m.g.t.  -- AWR

                            (Wilkin - Cason)


	Amaj7    Em7/A      [2X]
	  / / / /  / / / /

Verse 1:

	Amaj7           Bm7              Amaj7   Bm7
	Hey, girl, with sunlight in your hair
	   Amaj7          Bm7              Amaj7   A7 [N.C.]
	It hurts me so to see you standing there
	            Dmaj7     D6
	Oh, oh, oh, Sandy (Sandy)
	              Dm7      F [N.C.]
	You laugh and run away
	 G   F    G    Amaj7  Em7/A  Amaj7  Em7/A
	You just don't care

Verse 2:
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	Your kiss is warmer than the sun
	And I count the little things we've done
	Oh, oh, oh, Sandy (Sandy)
	Do you remember when
	G  F   G Amaj7  Em7/A  Amaj7  A [N.C.]
	I was the one


	F#             B
	You've been around since
	  F#            B
	A new boy who found you
	      E         Bb7        Eb7    F# [N.C.]
	Took you uptown so far from me

	(key changes to B)

	Bmaj7    F#m7/B      [2X]
	  / / / /  / / / /

Verse 3:

	    Bmaj7        C#m7               Bmaj7    C#m7
	But someday your good times will be through
	  Bmaj7         C#m7             Bmaj7    B7
	And I know just what you're gonna do
	                  Emaj7     E6
	You'll come back, Sandy (Sandy)
	               Em7          G [N.C.]
	You know I'll still be here
	A   G    A  Bmaj7  F#m7/B  Bmaj7 F#m7/B
	Waiting for you


	Bmaj7   F#m7/B  [2X]


	(repeat Bmaj7... F#m7/B to fade)

	spoken: Sandy... Sandy... Sandy... I love you

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers