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Outside Chords

D Dsus2    Bm            A
       Tell a lie... that's enough.
Give me a story you've made up
          D Dsus2
and I'll forgive you. 
        Bm            A
I don't care what you said I said.
G                                      D
It's all in your head. I'll never get you. 
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And you're talking these things through 
like you know what you've been through,
but there's not a lot of reason
          G                          A               G
in the things that we believe in, so I'll believe in you. 

D                     Asus4
I am on the outside of truth and I'm looking in on you
 Bm                               Asus4 
but you're staining this town with fighting
You're staining this town with fighting
         D                 Asus4 
And  I'm honest as a photo booth.
I'm just playing off of you, 
   Bm                            A
but you're leaving me fast as lightning.
You' re leaving me just to spite me.