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Falling For You Chords

First time making a tab but here you go .
I know the chords aren't the right names for them but yeah.
Its not exact chords but it sounds right to me.

Em:      020033
E:       030033
G:       320033
Cadd9:   032033
C:       002033
D:       000232
Dsus4:   000233
G9:      200033
E#:      022033
C#:      002033

Capo on 2:


G------0---0---0---0---|   2x



Em              E               G
She calls him early cos she knows he'll be asleep
                 Em     E         G
She leaves a message after the beep
Em               E                   G 
She says she's better now, but she's still incomplete
                Em               E                      G
She's trying hard to make her voice sound soft and sweet
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Em                     E                     G
A couple of hours pass 'til he picks up the phone
Em                     E                    G
He wasn't ready for the shock he holds his breath now
Em                     E                G
He plays the message twice and then the dull tone
Em                    E                   G
Reminds him that she's not around it's a lonely sound

Cadd9                         C
He has got perspective and she's got nothing left
          D                   Dsus4
and he wonders why he can't go on

Hes singing 

G                            Cadd9                   G9
Would she, could she've been thinking of me all along?
And if i asked her would she tell me the truth?
             G                          Cadd9   
Cos it's a long way down when your hopes are high as mountains
             Em             C#          G
and i am worried that I'm falling for you

Em              E               G
She's like an hourglass that never got the sand
        Em                E             G
She's hollow and transparent like an infant
Em           E            G  
He is a lonely boy but he still loves his life
            Em               E               G
He doesn't look to make a scene he looks to make right

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus

     Em                 E               G
I'm holding out, I'm  strong and I'm proud
And there's a new heart  I've got thinking on me
              Cadd9       Em                    Em
It's time you face yourself, take a look at this girl
And you will see what I see

Repeat Chorus