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ok so i decided to tab this because no one else had, and it's probably not even 
close to correct, but it sounds pretty good. i'd really like to hear what yall think about it.
(on the Em, keep your index finger where it normally is on the C, it sounds 
better, and i'm not sure what the chord is called.)
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C                  Em                      Am
I know that other guys don't need to feel rich
                  F   G
But i do, But i do.
C                      Em                 Am
Thats why i chose to spend my life doin this
                  F    G
Cuz i knew, cuz i knew.
C                    Am                      F                  G
We've got something here that other people envy, other people fear.
C                               Em
Make it a date tell me when and i'll say as sure as life will end
Am                                 F                   G
I'll love you ever and after, i'll love you ever and after
C                                                             Em
Lets both run away, we'll find a place to live where we'll stay, and make a better way,
Am                                  F              G
I'll love you ever and after, our love can make disaster fade away

C F G 

C                     Am
And if time tries to hurt you it just wont get to
F                             G
i will protect you keep you beautiful.
C                   Am                    F                  G
Run away come with me Lets hurry leave quickly so we're still young
      Am                  F                      Am               F     G
cuz we've got something here, that other people envy other people fear


Am                F                      G
Whoa baby you're ok without a place to go, well i dont know.

Am                      F                         G
I dont need these double standards all i need is you and i'll get through.

F                              G           Am            F
Cause sitting here, without a cent i feel rich next to you

Soft Chorus