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Iris Chords

Intro: Am    Am/G    Bm    C    F    Em (2x)
           C            Dm        F 
And Iíd give up forever to touch you
             Am                Am/G           F
ĎCause I know that you feel me somehow
          Dm       F                      Am             Am/G 
You to closes To heaven that Iíll ever be and I donít want to go
                 F             C          Dm                F
Home right now and I all I can taste is this moment
           C             Dm        F   
ĎCause sooner or later itís over
          Am             Am/G         F 
I just donít want to miss you tonight
               Am                  Am/G    F 
Reff: And I donít want the world to see me
ĎCause I donít think that
Am/G           F               Am
Theyíd understand when everythingís 
Am/G          F
Made to be broken
        Am            Am/G       F
I just want you to know who I am

Int: Am     Bm     C     F    Em (2x)
               D                Em
And you canít fight the tears
                 F                 Am  
That ainít coming or the moment
     Am/G         F 
Of truth in your lies
          C              Dm               F
When everything feel like the movies
                Am            Am/G            F
Yeah you bleed just to know youíre alive

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Int: Am    Bm    C    Am    Am/G    F (2x)

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Coda: Am    Bm    C     Am    Am/G    F (2x) 

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