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Carrickfergus Chords

Capo 4th fret
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         Am  D              G    Em
I wish I was,   in Carrickfergus
         Am     D         G
Only for nights, in Ballygrant
             Am  D           G     Em
I would swim over the deepest ocean
             Am   D                G
The deepest ocean to be by your side
                 G                      D
But the sea is wide and I canít swim over
             Em               Am
And nor have I the wings to fly
         Am  D              G    Em
If I could find me a handy boatman
               Am  D              G   
To ferry me over to my love and die
              Am  D              G        Em
My childhood days bring back sad reflections
         Am  D              G
Of happy time spend so long ago.
               Am  D              G    Em
My boyhood friends and my own relations
                     Am  D              G
Have all passed on like the melting snow
              G               D
Iíll spend my days in endless roving
              Em                 Am
Soft is the grass and my bed is free
         Am  D              G    Em
Oh to be home now in Carrickfergus
                  Am  D                 G
On the long road down to the salty sea
             Am  D          G    Em
And in Kilkenny it is reported
         Am  D              G  
On marble stone as black as ink
           Am      D           G    Em
With gold and silver I did support her
                      Am  D               G
But Iíll sing no more now till I get a drink
               G                       D
For Iím drunk today and Iím rarely sober
             Em                 Am
A handsome rover from town to town
                  Am  D              G    Em
Oh but I am sick now and my days are numbered
                  Am  D               G
so come on ye young men and lay me down