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Ancient Of Days Chords

             Ron Kenoly-Ancient of days

By Thomas George and Sanjeev George, Bangalore, India
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Blessing and honour
Glory and power
   A          G       A D
Be unto the ancient of days
From every nation’
All of creation
 D             G       A   D
Bow before the ancient of days………………………1
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G                          A
Every tongue in heaven and earth all declare Your glory
G                          A           D
Every knee shall bow at Your throne in worship
G                  A
You will be exalted O God
 D            G           A
And Your kingdom shall not pass away
O ancient of days……………………………………2

Repeat 1 and 2

Your kingdom shall reign over all the earth
 G           A            D
Sing unto the ancient of days
For none can compare to Your matchless worth
G             A           D
Sing unto the ancient of days

Repeat 2

At this juncture there is a beautiful display of congo and flute playing and also some 
bass guitaring by Abraham laboriel, then

Chorus amidst trumpets
Repeat 1 once

Repeat 1 with soft strumming

And then repeat the chorus with full throttle. Put in all that u have

Finally ends with
 G            A          D
Sing unto the Ancient of Days.

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