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When Im With You Chords

When I'm with you
by: Rommel V. Gabriel Jr.

Intro Chords: E-C-D-E-D-C

Stanza I: E-C-D-E-D-C

When i am breathing
I smile
Into your soul
Coz when i am with you
I feel.
I feel

Refrain: D-C

Dont wait
And Ill go over you
one breath
and here we go

Chorus: E-C-D-E-D-C
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Thank you my lord
For giving me this life
My family, My friends
Coz when i am with
Ill do all the things 
The things that i cannot do

Stanza II: E-C-D-E-D-C

You touch my soul
You teach my heart
You warmth me when i am cold

You embrace my life
I learn how to laugh
because of you.

(repeat refrain)
(repeat chorus)

Bridge: D-C

And when i go
just take my soul
If i have sinned
Im Sorry.

(Repeat chorus)