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What I Like About You Tab


Song: "What I Like About You" (1980) 

INTRO: (Play 4x)

  Esus4   E      A   D       D    D A  

VERSE: (Play 14x)

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   E    E     D   D      D    D A 

Note: The INTRO on the previously submitted version of "What I Like About You" 
was wrong.  This is the correct way to play it.  I play the rest of the song as 
I've shown here.  The song speeds up after you play the VERSE about 14x, and 
also the strum pattern changes.  It's probably not the way they play it on the 
record, but it sounds good enough for now.  When you play the (D) chord, keep 
your index finger barred on those three strings on the second fret, your middle 
on the third fret (D), and your third finger on the fourth fret (F#).  That way, 
you don't have to move your fingers at all when you play the (A) chord.  

Submitted by: Michael Hatch
Date: 6/30/01