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From Mon May 12 13:31:13 1997
Date: Sun, 04 May 1997 23:44:06 -0400
From: Vance Augustine 
Subject: TAB: The Spider and the Fly by Rolling Stones

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I would like to submit a file to be posted to OLGA. This is my first
attempt to send something to OLGA. I hope I've got the procedure  right.
By the way, thanks for OLGA. It's been a godsend for me.

The Spider and the Fly by the Rolling Stones
from the album, ^?Stripped^?, 1996.
Words and music by M. Jagger and K. Richards(whoever they are)
transcribed and submitted by Vance Augustine

The song is pretty simple. It^?s your basic 3 chord blues. What really
makes the song is the
little walking riff they do with the guitars. On every E7 chord play it
like this


Hit each chord form on the beat, hold the last one for two beats

Then on the A7 drop down to this
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Put it all together and it goes like this:

(intro) E7 riff twice

E7   riff
Sittin^? thinkin^? sinkin^? drinkin^?

E7   riff
Wondering what I^?ll do when I^?m thru tonight

A7   riff
Smokin^? mopin^? maybe just hopin^?

E7    riff
Some little girl will pass on by

B7                               A7
I don^?t  wanna be alone     But I love my girl at home

E7   riff                               C7 B7
I remember what she said

E7   riff
She said, ^?My, my, my   don^?t tell lies!

E7   riff
Keep fidelity in your head!

A7   riff
My,  my,  my,  Don^?t tell lies

E7  riff
When you^?ve done your show hit the bed

B7                                 A7
Don^?t say  ^?Hi^?,   like a spider to a fly

E7   riff                                        C7 B7
Jump right ahead and your dead!

Sit up, fed up, low down, go round
Down to the bar at the place I^?m at
Sittin^?, drinkin^?,  superficially thinkin^?
about the rinsed out blonde on my left
and then I said ^?Hi^?, like a spider to a fly
Remembering what my little girl said

(harmonica solo)

she was spiffy, shifty
she looked about fifty
I would have run away but I was on my own
She told me later she was a machine operator
she said she liked the way I held the microphone
I said, ^?My, my, my,  like a spider to a fly
Jump right ahead in my web!^?

(guitar solo and end)