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Date: Tue, 10 Oct 1995 14:45:06 -0400 (EDT)
From: Darren Vian 
Subject: rolling_stones:
-Thank you to Vincent M. Veltri( for originally
posting the lyrics.

This is my first attempt at tabbing/chording of an entire song, so it's
not quite the whole thing.  Anyway, it should help.

                        THE LAST TIME

   lick1 1x (gtr1 with bridge pickup on)
      E		       D       A
finger:2 1    2 3      1 32     11

[lick1 + (EDA) chord strums]4x
two guitars, gtr1(same as above) and gtr2 strumming chords over lick1

-->into verse(lick1 continues until chorus)

E                          D        A	   EDA
Well I told you once and I told you twice

E			D    A	   EDA
But you never listen to my advice

E		   D	   A	     EDA
You don't try very hard to please me

E		     D	       A    EDA
For what you know it should be easy

CHORUS (strum chords)

A		       D    A
Well this could be the last time
[ Tab from: ]
A		  D    A
This could be the last time

D 			      A
Maybe the last time I don't know

lick1 w/EDA	lick1 w/EDA
Oh no           Oh no

E			D	A    EDA
Well I'm sorry girl but I can't stay

E	       D    A	EDA
Feelin' like I do today

E			 D	  A	 EDA
Theres too much pain and too much sorrow

E		    D	   A	  EDA
Guess I'll feel the same tomorrow


Solo:   E(12)  D(10)  A(9)  E(12) lick2  \
	E(12)  D(10)  A(9)  E(12) lick3/4/


E			   D 	    A	  EDA
Well I told you once and I told you twice

E		  D	  A	EDA
Some will have to pay the price

E		  D	      A	   EDA
Heres a chance to change your mind

E		     D		A    EDA
Cause I'll be gone a long, long time


E	     D	  A
Could be the last time ( Repeat )  No  No  No

	E,D, and A in standard position except:

    E(12)    -12-    D(10)    -10-    A(9)    -9---|
        -12-        -10-        -10----------------|
        -13-        -11-        -9-----------------|
        -X--        -X--        -X-----------------|
        -X--        -X--        -X-----------------|
        -X--        -X--        -X-----------------|
-Hope everybody out there has fun with this!!
-Please send comments, corrections, or suggestions to:
   			Good night and thank you,
			Darren Vian