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                      The Rolling Stones
                         "SO YOUNG"

  I met her in a movie house she was playing the arcades
  Posing with a hand down looking little bit amazed
  She spoke in broken Enlish I replied in broken French
  I could share my popcorn it's not a federal offense

  She's so young
  God help me she's so young

  Her skin was rather pudgy she got spots all over her face
  Wearing too much make-up and she wasn't walking straight
  She drive a Dannish car she got in jail for teenage drag
  She always got her papa into a hearing on the stand
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  She's so young
  God help me she's so young
           Bb                  Bb
  She's so young  so young  so young  so young
  If she ever goes down the highway
          Eb                          Bb
  I might never get her back she's so young

  Well I took her down to Barney's bought her a brand new set of boots
  She tired in my arms looking tarty and a-cute
  I tried to take it easy put my dick back on the leash
  I see a bitch up and coming I'm gonna need to pray for treat


  This song strated life way back in 1978 while recording for the
  Some Girls made the semi-finals but then it was taken out.
  It got a new life in 1993 while recording Voodoo Lounge, but got lost
  once again. I'm still hoping for this song to be officialy released
  someday. For now it's only available on bootleg CDs.
  (This version is from STRIPPED COMPANION)