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From: (Anthony Olejnik)

Subject: CRD: Monkey Man (Rolling Stones)

      E                                                 D

I`m a fleabit peanut monkey. All my friends are junkies.That's not really true.

      E                                                 D
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I`m a cold Italian pizza.I could use a lemmon squeezer. What you do?


I`ve been bitten, I`ve been tossed around

          B                   C#

by every she-rat in this town.  Have you, babe?

      A                            B                        C#

Well, I am just a monkey man.  I`m glad you are a monkey woman, too.

I was bitten by a boar.

I was gouged and I was gored.

But I pulled on through.

I am a sack of broken eggs.

I always have an unmade bed.

Don't you?

Well, I hope we're not too messianic or a trifle too santanic.

We love to play the blues.

I am just a monkey man.