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Angie Chords

Rolling Stones - Angie
Tabbed By: Teresa

Here it is..
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  (Am)Angie,(E7)Angie (G)when will those (Bflat)clouds (F)all disappear
C Dm C Em/B
 (Am)Angie(E7)Angie (G)where well it (Bflat)lead(F)us from here(C) Dm C
(C)with no (G)loving in our souls and no (Dm)money in our (Am)coats
(C) you can't say (F)we're satisfied,but
(Am)Angie(E7)Angie (G)you can't (Bflat)say (F)we never tried(C) Dm C
(Am)Angie your (E7)beautiful (G)but ain't it (Bflat)time(F)we said good-bye(C)
C Dm C
(Am)Angie(E7)i still love you (G) remember (Bflat)all (F)those nights we(C)cried
C Dm C
 All the (G)dreams we held so close seemed to (Dm)all go up in(Am)smoke(C)
let me whis(F)per in your (G)ear....
(Am)Angie(E7)Angie (G) were will it (Bflat)lead(F)us from (C)here Dm C
Oh,(G)Angie don't stop you weep,all your Kiss(Dm)es still taste (Am)sweet C I hate that (F)sadness
in your (G)eyes_____but
(Am)Angie (E7) Angie(G) aint it (Bflat)time (F)we said Goodbye(C)Dm C
with no (G) loving in our souls and no (Dm)money in our (Am)coats (C) you can't 
(F)say were satisfied(G)..
   o.k there ya go ..enjoy.!!