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The Wolves And The Ravens Chords

The Wolves and The Ravens
by, Rogue Valley

Into: C, F

In the morning by the sea
           Am                         C
As the fog clears from the sand
               Am                C
I have no money in my hand
               F                       C
I have no home, I have no land 

But it doesnít trouble me 
       Am                 C
As I lay beside the fire 
        Am      C
I am easy to inspire 
             F        C
There is little I require 

            C                                  G
I wasnít yours and you werenít mine 
                   Dm                     F
Though Iíve wished from time to time 
            C                          G
We had found a common ground
                        Dm                      Am
Your voice was such a welcome sound

How the emptiness would fill 
             Am                       C
With the waves and with your song 
           Am                    C               
People find where they belong 
Or keep on 
C, F
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Through the never-ending maze
                Am                     C
Where the way is seldom clear
                  Am                        C
There is no map or compass near
             F                    C
I drive a ship I cannot steer

Through the bleak and early morn
             Am                   C
Where a stronger will is sworn
                 Am                       C
Where the moments move so slow
                    F                   C
And seem to never let you go

               C                          G
When my hands are old and ache
             Dm                    F
And my memory flickers dim
             C                              G
And my bones donít hold my skin
                 Dm                 Am
Thereís no place I havenít been

I recall the days were few
           Am               C
That is all that I can do
             Am                  C
Feel the carvings in the tree
                 F                          C             F
That gives shade for you and me

C, F
Am, C
Am, C
F, C    X2
C, F

Tabbed by Andrew Barrientes