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Sandrevan Lullaby Chords

OK, so I don't normally submit many tabs because tabbing or even writing chords is not
my forte. However this is a beautiful song and I'm sure more than a few people have been
looking up for a tab or chords and been severely disappointed. So when i was playing 
along to the song i worked out some chords that work and are at least close to what he plays.
Anyway, take this tab as a starting point and hopefully you can improve on it yourself. 
Also I wrote Bb, but that's not actually the chord, look down the bottom for what i 
mean. Hope you enjoy playing along!!!!!

The generals hate holidays
Others shoot up to chase the sun blues away
Am7                           Dm
Another store front church is open
Dm                  Bb
Sea of neon lights, a boxer his shadow fights
Am7                          Dm
Soldier tired and sailor broken
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C                            F
Winter's asleep at my window
C                            F
Cold wind waits at my door
C                            F
She asks me up to her place
Bb                               Gm
But I won't be down anymore

Judges with metermaid hearts
Order supermarket justice starts
Frozen children, inner city
Walkers in the paper rain
Waiting for those knights that never came
The hi-jacked trying so hard to be pretty

Night rains tap at my window
Winds of my thoughts passing by
She laughed when I tried to tell her
Hello only ends in goodbye

America gains another pound
Only time will bring some people around
Idols and flags are slowly melting
Another shower of rice
To pair it for some will suffice
The mouthful asks for second helpings

Moonshine pours through my window
The night puts it's laughter away
Clouds that pierce the illusion
That tomorrow would be as yesterday...

Instrumental coda (edited off some versions)

The Chords look like:            With Variations:
Dm xx0231                          xx0230 and xx0233
Bb x13231                          x13230
Am7 x02010                         x02000 and x02030
Gm xx5333

You have to listen to the song to get the strumming pattern and how the variations fit
in. note the second variation for the Dm is only on the 2nd Dm in the progression each
time (if that makes sense)