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Hate Street Dialogue Chords

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Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 21:18:26 +0200
From: Howard Buttery 
Subject: r/rodriguez/hate_street_dialogue.crd

Artist: Rodriguez
Album: Cold Fact
Song: Hate Street Dialogue
Transcription by: Guy Buttery

Intro: Dm, FGBb, A   -   Dm (continue)
          (1) (2) (3) (   4   )

Dm                         F
  Woman please be gone
              G               Bb           A
You've stayed here much too long
Dm                     F
   Don't you wish that you could cry
G                    Bb           A
Don't you wish I would die
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Dm                        F
   Seamy, seesaw kids
G                  Bb        A
Childwoman on the skids
         Dm                        F
The dust will choke you blind
        G          Bb             A
The lust will choke your mind


Dm (1 chord for chorus)
    I kiss the floor, one kick no more
    The pig and hose have set me free
    I've tasted hate street's hanging tree
    I've tasted hate street's hanging tree

Dm                      F
    The inner city birthed me
G                         Bb     A
The local pusher nursed me
Dm                      F
   Cousins make it in the street
G                   Bb          A
Marry every trick they meet
     Dm                          F
A dime a dollar they're all the same
             G                        Bb          A
When a man comes in to bust your game
         Dm                        F
The Turn key comes his face a grin
G                        Bb   A
Locks the cell I'm in again



Sorry if there's any mistakes, but I think it's sort of right!
BTW, if anyone has any other Rodriguez tabs/bass/chords, I would really
appreciate it if you could send them!!