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Titties And Beer Chords

Chord diagram

   E           A         B7
 ------     ------     ------
 |||x||     ||||||     ||x|||
 ------     ------     ------
 |xx|||     ||xxx|     |x|x|x
 ------     ------     ------


E  A  E

                E                A          E         B7                    
Titties and beer, titties and beer, I thank God almighty for titties

    E     A  E
and beer.
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                   E                           A        E                 B7
Huntin' two legged deer, thank God I aint queer.  There's one thing daddy likes

                       E      A  E
and that's titties and beer.

                        E                             A               E
A little titties and beer, great big titties in my beer. God da**it I love

those mother f***ing titties.......(breaks out in laughter and song ends).