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                     Show Them To Me
G                                           Em
Well, it seems to me_ this old world's gone crazy,__
           C                           D
There's to much hate and killin' goin' on,
G                                  Em
But when I see the bare chest of a woman,
   C                               D
My worries and my problems are all gone,__
Cause no one thinks of fightin'
When they see a topless girl,
Maybe if you would show yours to,
C                 D
We could save the world,
G                  D     G
Show them to me,         Show them to me,
C                                      D
Unclasp your bra and let those puppies free,
G                            Em
They look a whole lot better without that sweater,
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Now baby I'm sure__ you'll agree,
C               D
If you've got 2 thumbtacks,
G                  D
Show them to me,___
I don't care if they don't match,
If ones bigger than the other,
C                      D
You can show me one,__ and I'll imagine the udder,
G                        Em
Even if your really old_ there's nothing wrong,
C                                 D
Don't be sad your boobs ain't bad their just a little old,
G                  D  G
Show them to me,      Show them to me,
C                                          D
Lift up your shirt and let the whole world see,
Just unrobe and show your globes, 
And we'll be in harmony,__
no chords {spoken}
If you've got dustee chee,
no chords {spoken}
Which is spanish for 2 titties and I think we just saw 2 spanish titties,
D    G
Show them to me, 

C                        D
I've met alot of them,__ but never one Ive hated,
C                             D
Even if you've had 13 kids,__ and you think the look deflated, 
There's no such thing as a bad breast,
This much I know is true,
If you're a big fat man, I'm a titty fan,
D                                 G                 D   G
I'd love to see yours to,______   Show them to me,      Show them to me,
C                                D
Just like those girls go wild on t.v.,
Just lean back and show your rack,
And I'll be in exstacy,   
C               D            G
If you've got 2 kasobba's,   Show them to me,
C                 D     C                            D
C'mon baby let me see,  The whole world will live in harmony,___
It'll do you good, and it'll give me wood,
Baby we'll make history,{PAUSE}
C                D                {no chords}
If you love your country,________ I'M GONNA SING IT ONE MORE TIME,___
C                D
If you love your country,
{no chords-spoken}
{name your town} do you love your country?
C                                            D
Then get up and show them big ole titties to me_____________ AHH-WOOOO!