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In The Middle Chords

              D  G                D  G              
 G   F
old gray fence    tarr-chiped road     bartons creek    I'm almost home
           D G                       D  G            
  D  G
i tell buck    about a one lane bridge    around the bend     upon the ridge
        Am Em     F
theres tom sudds barn leanin just a little

      there's myra's store smell the bar-b-q make ya stop for gas when you don't need to 
20 miles to the nearest town hills and hollers all round
and that's me
yeah that's me right there in the middle.
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F                 C             G
In the middle of what matters most
F            C         G
Father sons and holy ghosts
F            C            G
Open hearts and unlocked doors
F            C              G
Way of life worth fightin' for
F             G                 C
If you're wondering where I'll be

Check out the mouth of Tennessee
and you'll find me right there in the middle.  Yeah!

A wreck of wood
Stacked by the porch
Black lab pup
Scratchin at the door
Two little boys
Yelling daddy's back
Next thing I know
Its a wrestling match
And thats me
Yeah man that's me
Right there in the middle


In the middle of nowhere

Nowhere I'd rather be

With the good lord up above me

And his earth beneath my feet.

you fool with A in the bridge it helps