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She Is All I Need Chords

From the album Bookmarks:

Chords used:

G: 320033
C: x32010 (Can be played as/alternated with Cadd9 (x32033))
Em: 022000 (Can be played as/alternated with Em7 (022033))
D: xx0232 (Alternated with Dsus2 (xx0230))

Intro: G C Em x 2


       G                    C           Em 
You can give me a river I'd just sail on by
       G                    C           Em
You could call out forever I'd never reply
          C                             D
You could take all I'm worth I'd give it for free
G     D    C    G
She---- is all I need

Could offer tomorrow I'm fine with today
You could ease all my sorrow and just dull the pain
So cut me and scratch me and bite till I bleed
She---- is all I need

[ Tab from: ]
Em                                                         G
Man I'm just a broken mess of shattered glass and cigarette ashes
Em                                                    C      D 
Without a reason I begin to lose myself, everything crashes
             C       D
Everything crashes


So take away virtue I'd live without truth
Paint all my colours with visions of blue
Write statuesque novels I'd still never read
She---- is all I need

Verse chords play in the break, then play the bridge again.

Every bright morning I'd just bow my head
Beautiful nighttime should watch where it treads
Pass the stars I'd pay them no heed
G     D    Em     C
She-----   She-----
G    D      C   G     
She--- is all I need

Play C and G to finish.

Thats it. Comments/corrections welcome.