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One Thousand Lives Chords

From the Bookmarks album.

Chords used:

F: 133211
Am: x02210
Dm: xx0231
Bb: x13331
Gm: 355333
C: x32010
Csus4: x33010
Fsus4: 133311

Intro: F Am Dm Bb   F Gm C Csus4


F                  Am
Inside the haze of summer's fire
   Dm                  Bb
We sat in feels of grass and wire
  F                   Gm       C
As horses raced their endless territory
 F                  Am
And from our precious minds we thought
    Dm                    Bb
Our still life dreams and battles fought
   F             Gm              C
Our victories enshrined in ragged glory

[ Tab from: ]
        Bb                C
We were young and foolish then
        Bb                Dm
Had no fear that it could end
     Am              Bb                  C         C
As in to that crooked night our love went reeling
         Bb                C                  F        Fsus4  F
How one thousand lives I'd live just for that feeling

Dm        Bb         F          Gm
   And we cast our spells that can't go right
Dm        Bb         F        Gm
   While distant bells rang loud and bright
Dm     Bb        F          Gm           Bb 
   We made our way, through dirt road tracks
Bb                   Gm
   But you can't go back
Am Bb    C                  Bb            
    No-ooo, you can never go back

(Just strum the Am chord once there when you switch from the Gm to Bb.
May be easier to use the bar chords)

The same chords are used throughout. Corrections/comments welcome.