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Journeys End Chords

Last track on the Bookmarks album, and one of the best I think.

Chords used:

F: 133211
Am: x02210
Bb: x13331
Dm: xx0231
C: x32010

Intro: F Am x 2


F               Am
The last time I took this ride
F                      Bb
We made great plans, we felt alive
F            Am Dm
Heading South from countryside
      Bb                F
Into a city of hopes and dreams
F               Am
How our young hearts laughed and cried
F                      Bb
How we stood strong, side by side
F            Am-Dm              (Play Am quickly on the change)
Never thought we'd say goodbye
      Bb        C
To anything but you

[ Tab from: ]
Bb         F
I remember everything
Bb                 Dm
Fighting darkness, chasing rain
Am               Bb
I guess that was yesterday
       F             C
But it feels so long ago
Bb             F
Whispered songs on radio
Bb               Dm
Take me back to what I know
Am               Bb          F   C 
It all seemed so beautiful to me---
     Bb       C      F          Am       F      Am
The journey's end is here 

Verse (same chords):

Faces line these old town roads
Soft guitars, piano notes
Linger in the air like ghosts
With nothing left to say
Shadowed seasons brought you home
Brighter days have come and gone
Someone somewhere called you on
We could not follow you

Chorus (same chords except where noted):

I think I spoke the faithful line
That things don't leave or break or die
We'll raise your body to the sky
Before we lay it down
Now it seems the only path
Is the one we traveled fast
Destinations cut like glass
Into our history
    Bb       C       Dm
The journey's end is here 


I see an unclosed door
Where duty used to stand
I'm going South once more
Bb                    F        Am      F     Am
To make it on those plans

Verse (same chords):

Every station fades from view
Like the years bestowed on you
But years can be like diamonds too
They sparkle and they shine
But when at last we meet again
I'll shake your hand
I'll call you friend
Sometimes one journey has to end 
   Bb   C       F       Am-Dm   Bb   C   F
To let another start

Thats it. Comments/corrections on the chords or the lyrics are welcome. Enjoy.