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Silver Trees Chords

Silver Trees - Rocky Votolato

Tuning - Standard with Capo 3rd

I dont want to be a d head trying to correct the other tab for this song but one 
or two of the chords didn't sound right, so here's what i've always played...but i 
will not tell you it's 100% accurate

The chords here are also technically labeled wrong, but the shapes are correct 
when Capo 3rd-ed? capo 3rd and play it how it looks

I believe this song is fingerpicked or skillfully picked regardless, but these 
chords are easily played with a pick.
and he connects most of the chords with hammer-ons and slides.. just listen to 
song for timing/rhythm/all that other stuff

Am  C   F   F   G   G    C

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Am  C       F  
 i hear you call me
            G           C
 branches break in the wind
Am             C           F
 through the leaves and concrete
               G           C          Em          Am
 you're gonna grow to something that death can't steal
   F           G
 a garden that gives
 C           Em   Am
 sprouts come up glowing
 Dm        G               F      Am
 fruits of jade and golden silver trees
    F        G
 to mark the legacy
      F    G    Am   G   F      G         C       
 of a life that finally learned what this means
Am     C       F
 the invisible choir sings
       G             C
 you a voiceless lesson
Am         C         F
 so youll always remember
           G           C         Em          Am
 what grew out of decisions that death cant steal
 F                     G  
 lives that learned to give 
 C       Em               Am
 when it seemed there was nothing
 Dm                  G              F         Am
 oh how much more it meant to those around we go
           F               G
 theres a rhythm soft and slow
        F  G    Am   G    F           G       C
 youll always hear the choir if you listen close

-just a note or two.... if the rapid progressions at the ends are hard (the F G Am 
G F) try playing the barre chord for each so it's just up and down instead of all 
over the place

 the Em is not a full 022000 chord...just that first 2(on the A string) is the 
important part as it kind of makes the transition between C and Am
 for that matter the Am after the Em has a low E in it as well (open on low 
E)...basically there are extra notes thrown in all over the place so listen to the 
song 346 times and improv it however it suits you...

if you read that and said wtf, ignore it
good luck