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Zombie Jamboree Chords

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From:   S?rgio Amon []
Sent:   Tuesday, December 16, 1997 5:04 PM

For those who don`t know, this is a a-capella song and Rockapella don`t
use instruments, only their voices. So I heard the Do-it-a-capella album
and tried to get the chords. The mode is exactly the same that
Rockapella used. Enjoy it!

Title:  Zombie Jamboree
Artist: Rockapella
                          Conrad Eugene Mauge, Jr.
                       (3rd verse lyric by Sean Altman)
              Arrangement: Sean Altman, David Yazbek & Bill Straus
                            Lead Vocal: Sean Altman

 It was a zombie jamboree
                             E                      A
 Took place in the New York cemetery

 Oh, it was a zombie jamboree
                             E                              A
 Took place in the New York cemetery.
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                             D                             A
 Zombies from all parts of the island
                               E                           A
 Some of them are great Calypsonians
                   D                             A
 Since the season was carnival
                    E                             A
 They got together in bacchanal

 And they were singing


D                              A
    Back to back, mon, belly to belly
     E                                            A
 I don't give a damn 'cause I'm stone dead already
D                           A
    Oh, back to back, belly to belly
             E                         A
 It's a zombie jamboree.


 One female zombie she wouldn't behave
 See how's she's dancing out of the grave
 In one hand she's holding a quart of rum
 The other hand is knocking a conga drum.

 You know the lead singer starts to make his rhyme
 While the other zombie is rockin' in time
 One bystander, he had this to say:
 "It was a trip to see the zombies break away."
 SHAH! And they were singing:

 (Repeat chorus twice)

 Back to back! Everyone we sing back to back

 And belly to belly then back to back
 One two three four     Hey


 What a zombie jamboree
 From Times Square to the Statue of Liberty
 Uptown, downtown zombie jamboree
 Whoa whoa whoa, yeah yeah

 There's a high-wire zombie 'tween the World Trades
 A King Kong zombie on the Empire State
 But the biggest zombies Tokyo to Rome
 The zombies who call the city home.
 (Hah! What they do! Huh!)

 (Repeat chorus to fade)

Caio Amon