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Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 22:59:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: Binh 
Subject: r/robotech/together.crd

This is a pretty cool wedding song i got to transcribe from the robotech
animation which aired (1985-87) when i was much younger. Enjoy.

Together - Theme song from the animation Robotech
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There's {C}magic in the air tonight
{F}Moonlight stars are burning bright
Your {Dm}face glows by the candle light
It's {G}all because tonight's the night
{C}Now hold my hand and take this {Dm}ring... {C}as we unite in
{C}We can begin to live a {Am}dream...the dream that's {C}meant for {G}you
and {Dm}me

To be together{C}{Fmaj7} for the {Dm}first time in our lives it's us
{G}together {G7}
As married{C} man and wife{Am}, we'll be together{Dm} from now on
Until{Am} death do us part{Dm} and even then{G} I hope our heaven{Dm}
lasts forever{C}

I promise to be always true
To the very end with you
In good times and in bad times too
I know that we can make it through
As one unite and we'll be strong because together we belong
If I could sing to you a sing, I sing of love that won't go wrong

If we're together, we'll make a brand new life for us together
As married man and wife, we'll be together from now on
Until death do us part and even then I hope our heaven lasts forever