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Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 23:03:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Binh 
Subject: r/robotech/its_you.crd

Here's another theme piece the robotech animation. You have to either get
the rare cd or watch the video to hear it.
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Title: It's you -- from Robotech Macross

I {D}always think of {D}you, dream{Bm} of you late at night{A}
What{G} do you do when {D}I turn out the light
No {D}matter who I touch, it is{Bm} you I still see{A}
{F#m} It touches and goes, but {B7}no one touches me
It's you I miss{F#m}, it's {B7}you who's on my mind
It's you{Am} I cannot leave behind{C}
It's me{Am} who's lost{C}  {Am}
It's me who loss her {C}heart  {Am}
To you who tore my {C}heart {Am} apart{B7}
If {E}you still think of me, how did we come to this {E7}
Wish that I knew{A} it is me that you miss{E}
Wish that I knew{A} it is me that you miss{E}