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Robert Francis

[Note: None of the sections or lines of this song are ever repeated. It is to be 
performed straight through.
 The first chorus and postchorus are replaced at the end of the song with a second 
chorus and postchorus written to the same tune.
 For the intro it might be a good idea to use the tab that is posted on this site 
entitled "Dakota Intro".
 However I'm not sure whether or not it is in the same key as these 
might need to work out those kinks yourself. 
This is an amazing song by Robert Francis and I'm proud to make this small 
contribution to the furthering of good music. 
Feel free to change it up if you want; however, it's as accurate as i could get it. Enjoy!]

Verse I:
Light shines off
Am.                  Em
Rivers flowing through
Every part of me
Em.                 Am
Wanting every part of you
Soft and simple veins
Make a stain
Am.          Em
Or find a drain
If I was the one
Em.          Am.                C.    F
Maybe I could feel your pain

Chorus I:
("Daaakoootaaa" background repeated through chorus)
And the water boils
C.             G.       Am
While the night is on fire
I patiently wait
C.      G.       Am.             Am G F
Like a bird on a wire
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Postchorus I:
C.     F.          C.   G.     Am
New dreams are made of
C.    G.      Am
Fear while sleep surrounds us
Changing lanes
Over sunrise
Am.       G
All your pain
G.           Am.           F
Inside a school bus

Am.  G.    C
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Am.   G.   C.          G#m
Ooh ooh ooh ooh oh

Verse II:
Summer, Fall,
Am.        C
October ends
Am.           Em
Odds and ends
Winter won't pretend
Em.                  Am
No, I know I'll see you again
The wind blows you and me
Am.          C
Catching teardrops
In the leaves
Oh, I don't believe
That every night
Am.               C.   F
I feel you breathe

Chorus II:
("Daaakoootaaa" background repeated through chorus)
C                 G.   Am
And the tension boils
Like sailors close to home
C.    G. Am
Time is black
C.                                   Am.          Am G F
But you soon might be alone

Postchorus II:
F.     C.     G.       Am
Fate does tempt itself
Am.    C.           G.         Am
Like a game of cat and mouse
G.                  Am.  F
It soon will find us
Am.G   F.          C
And anything we need
God knows
F.            C
The devil could proceed
G.           Am
In denying us

Am.  G.    C
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Am.   G.   C.          G#(maj)
Ooh ooh ooh ooh oh