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Kimberly Glide Chords

From The Futurist album. You can listen to some of it at

Standard tuning

Chords used:

B - X24442
A - X02220
F#m - 244222
G - 320033
D - XX0232
C - X32010
Am - X02210
Em - 022000

Intro - B - A - F#m


B         A         F#m
Vacation, holiday, strange way to save a family

 B               A             F#m
I sat beside this brother's pride For the last ride

 B        A         F#m
Nosedive, hellfire, my lifeline didn't survive

B          A         F#m
Blind rage, set he stage to say I'll never love again

[ Tab from: ]
G     D            C       
           Kimberly glides

      Am              G
In the arms of cactus angels

D                  C 
Mayan big shots float around

Am                      G
Guess this is her home now

   D                         C
You mistook me for a man who understands

           D                        G          D            
Things of godless heartless pitiful nature

C          D                   Em
Hell I just settled in for the winter

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Quite a good album actually, be interesting to see more from Robert music wise. Comments welcome.